The stock watching Twitter bot that tweets you when you need it.

What is gapspy?
It's a twitter bot that's on the look-out for exchange-traded stocks and ETFs. It watches prices and sends you messages when they trigger. You decide the price point that you're interested in.

How does it work?
Every minute, the bot pulls data from its favorite exchange. This data is compared against all the existing alert levels that you've set up. If the price has crossed your alert level, it'll send you a tweet. After an alert triggers, it is no longer active.

What about privacy?
"If I'm watching a stock, I don't want everyone to know what price I'm looking for." We have a solution to that. If the bot follows you, then you can send it a DM. If you follow the bot, then when the alert triggers, the bot will DM you back. No one else will see the alert except you. If you've DM'd an alert and the bot isn't able to follow you, it won't be able to DM you back. In this case, it will default to the standard alert.

How do I use the bot?
There are several ways to use the bot. The following is a table of command templates, followed by an example, followed by a description.

Command Examples Description
sym $AMZN
Get basic intraday stats on a company by ticker symbol.
sym price [memo] $SPY 199.90 bound to happen.
AAPL $700
Be alerted when the stock crosses the price point.
sym 20|50|200 MA [memo] $BAC 20 MA trend reversal
TRLA 200dMA major level
$SPY MA50 dip buy
Be alerted when a price crosses this daily simple moving average.
sym ## day|min TL sup|res ([+-] offset)? [memo]
sym ## d|m trendline sup|res [memo]
sym ## D|m TL(s|r) ([+-] offset)? [memo]?
$ROYL 4d TL res -0.10 Alert 10c below 4d resistance
HD 20d trendline resistance
BABA 120m tl sup early morning correction
$SPY 80d TL sup +2.00 Approaching 80 day support
AAPL 300m TLr -0.09 intraday range break
Trend line support and resistance is calculated from intraday candles under 5 days, and EOD after. Various shorthand commands are demonstrated in the examples.
sym R[1234]|S[1234]|P [memo] $NEWL S3 extreme oversold
AAPL S2 ATR bounce
TLT R1 fade low volatility
Be alerted when price reaches intraday pivot points of support/resistance.
sym pHigh|pLow|pClose [memo] $SPY pLow double bottom fake-out
$PLUG phigh breakout watch
Be notified when price hits yesterday's High, Low, or Close
Prev day updated at 6:40 pm Eastern (use lod/hod until then).
sym VWAP|LOD|HOD [memo] $SPY VWAP watch for trend day
$PLUG LOD breakdown short
Be notified when price hits VWAP, LOD, or HOD.
cancel [sym|all] cancel
cancel $TSLA
cancel all
Cancel last alert created.
Cancel all alerts for $TSLA
Cancel all alerts.
(do )?follow( me)? follow me Tell the bot to follow you so you can send it DMs.
(do(n't| not)? )?follow( me)?
(no|stop )follow(ing)?( me)?
don't follow me
stop following me
no follow
Tell the bot to not follow you.

How long will an alert last?
Price and Moving Average alerts will last for 2 weeks. Intraday alerts, such as VWAP, LOD, HOD, and pivots (R1-4, S1-4, and P) expire at market close.

What type of stocks are we talking about here?
@gapspy covers U.S. exchange-traded stocks, ETFs and funds. That means, no OTC/BB stocks... sorry?

We've made attempts to parse human-styled alert requests. You know, like "set an alert on amzn at 370" - it's in alpha.

It's really just as easy as 1, 2, 3.

(1) Create an alert
The Command
(2) Receive a Confirmation
Confirmation message
(3) ... Receive Real-Time Trigger
Real-time trigger

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